"The Game of The Season"

Holiday Rush is the search and find game where your Christmas Tree is the game board and ornaments are the game pieces. Find the right ornament and be the first to collect enough points to win the game. The game can be played using the Holiday Rush ornaments, your family ornaments, or both Holiday Rush and family ornaments.

Holiday Rush Party Rules

Holiday Rush- The Story

Holiday Rush is genuinely fun for all ages.

We were sad when our tree came down and it was time to put the game away.  I know this is a new tradition we’ll look forward to each year!

Jamie H.

Holiday Rush is our new favorite Christmas tradition.

It is a great game for all ages. We have kids ages 5-17 and everyone in the family loved it! We can’t wait to play it again!

Walker Family

Holiday Rush is a super family Christmas game.

It involves every member of the family...oldest to youngest...including Grandma and Grandpa!  This game puts your Christmas tree at the center of the fun. This is truly a memory maker!

Brad & Marsha D.

Holiday Rush is a Holiday Hit!

My kids all love it and I have kids ages six on up to teenagers. Holiday Rush brings out everyone’s competitive side while helping us all feel the Christmas spirit! I highly recommend to any family looking to bring their family together in a fun atmosphere!

Julie D.

Holiday Rush is such a fun game!

Each time we played, it was a little different. Games like this are exciting to keep playing. It’s like a scavenger hunt, but better! Definitely a game for the whole family!

Jessie C.

This game was a hit with my family.

My kids absolutely loved it!  It is our new family Christmas tradition.  We played nearly every night leading up to Christmas.  Our kids were bummed out when we put it away for the year. We are looking forward to next December to start playing again!



App Available for iOS and Android Devices



Holiday Rush

There are two primary goals of Holiday Rush.

The first is to provide families an opportunity to spend quality time together during the holidays. While some children and adults will enjoy Holiday Rush more than others, there is a unifying spirit when everyone participates.

The second purpose of Holiday Rush is to provide meaningful and memorable holiday experiences for children in need. Double U Games LLC devotes a portion of its proceeds to organizations that provide children with magical Christmas experiences.

Thank you for your support of these efforts and Holiday Rush!

“The Game of The Season”