About Us

Holiday Rush has been a labor of love for our family for several years. In November 2013 we were decorating our Christmas Tree. I was on a ladder placing an ornament on the tree. The thought occurred to me to ask my two boys (who are very competitive) which one could be the first to find the ornament. They quickly found the ornament and begged me to name another and then another. It dawned on me that this could be a really fun Christmas game. I mentioned it to my wife and she agreed. Later the same day, we decided on "Holiday Rush" as the perfect name. Over several months, we created the first version of Holiday Rush using our own ornaments. A prototype was developed with game cards, a spinner, and instructions. It was a family effort as we worked through the creative process. As the Christmas Season rolled around the next year, our kids could not wait to decorate the Christmas Tree so they could play Holiday Rush. A new family tradition was born. Holiday Rush has continued with us as we have invested countless hours in perfecting this family game and preparing it to share with your family.

There are two primary goals of Holiday Rush.

The first is to provide families an opportunity to spend quality time together during the holidays. While some children and adults will enjoy Holiday Rush more than others, there is a unifying spirit when everyone participates.

The second purpose of Holiday Rush is to provide meaningful and memorable holiday experiences for children in need. Double U Games LLC devotes a portion of its proceeds to organizations that provide children with magical Christmas experiences.

Thank you for your support of these efforts and Holiday Rush!

“The Game of The Season”